1. Stated prices are per person.
  2. All photo tours must be payed through Paypal in advance.
  3. Cancellation terms: cancellation up to one week before photo tour date: MPT (Milan Photo Tour) will refund 90% of payed amount. MPT does not accept cancellations or rescheduling less than 7 days before the photo tour.
  4. If for any reason MPT is unable to run a photo tour MPT will refund all fees paid and MPT’s liability will cease thereafter. MPT is under no obligation to provide compensation and will have no liability for consequential loss. If participants prefer to accept a rescheduled date, MPT’s terms and conditions of booking still apply to the reschedule.
  5. Minors shall book a photo tour with an adult/family member attending as a course participant.
  6. Only the person(s) booked may attend. Participants cannot bring non-participating companions even without a camera. If participants have special needs that require a helper then please contact MPT beforehand to arrange this.
  7. Photo tour participants must bring their own camera and all the equipment they will use during the photo tour.
  8. Refreshments, meals, transportation and access to venues are not included in the price.
  9. Admission to attractions is not included unless stated. Some buildings in Milan do not allow photography indoors. Sometimes participants will not be permitted to use flash or a tripod.
  10. During a photo tour the tutor may take individual and group shots of attendees. MPT may publish these photos on its websites and/or social media sites to show what the tours are like. If participants wish the photo removed please contact MPT in writing and MPT will do so.
  11. Participants are responsible for their personal insurance and the insurance of their equipment during the photo tour. MPT does not accept liability for any injury or accident happening during a photo tour.
  12. Payment of fees constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. In the case of a payment for more than one person, the person paying is responsible for informing their group of these terms and conditions and obtaining consent, before making payment.
  13. MPT reserves the right to refuse any booking by making a full refund shortly after payment has been made.
  14. These terms are understood to apply under Italian Law. Competent court is Tribunale di Milano.