Guided photographic tours and workshops in Milan

Local professional photographers will take you through the best itineraries while teaching you photography with our beautiful city as a backdrop for your photo work. The right spots at the right moment!

Our photo tours are designed with photography in mind, taking into account the direction of light at different hours, the most photogenic venues and landmarks and the best viewpoints.

Our photo tours are very different from a traditional tour where you bring your camera. Our tutors are professional photographers, not tour guides. They will take you through the best photographic itinerary while teaching you photography and using our beautiful city as a backdrop for your photo work. Our photographers are qualified working professionals willing to help you on the most relevant photographic issues, such as subject recognition and approach, exposure, composition, light, camera settings, special techniques and so on.

You will walk around landmarks, markets, shops and restaurants at the right moment to experience the best light and conditions of the day. Whether you are a professional, an advanced amateur or a beginner we will share tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your pictures.

What’s the best way to try a new camera? A holiday, of course. Why not doing it with a professional photographer who will go through the basics and teach you the secrets for a better picture taking life? All cameras are welcome: DSLR, mirrorless, bridge, compacts and smartphones as well.

Most of the photo tours are half day long. On average we start in the early afternoon and finish before dinner. Please consider that most of the tours take advantage of the blue hour as a finishing line (or starting line, in the case of “Milan by night photo tour“), therefore there will be a considerable start time difference between summer and winter.

For each photo tour we will gather at a meeting point near public transportation (or your hotel if you wish). From there most of the times we will walk, except in some cases when we will use trams and buses.

Milan is a very busy city; sometimes we might need to adapt the photo tours in order to avoid road works or closed venues.

Booking a photo tour

Please have a look at our photo tours and book from there.

In case you prefer to book via email, please contact us here.

Let us know:

  • the type of photo tour you would like to join
  • the date and time (morning, afternoon, night)
  • how many people you are booking for
  • your schedule and time constraints
  • the camera gear you will use
  • any special request you might have
  • your contact details

The photographer who will lead your photo tour will get back to you within 24 hours with a schedule arrangement, meeting informations and a Paypal invoice.